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In an effort to simplify production issues for our clients – and to ensure that they themselves are in compliance with the EU and Swiss Privacy Laws on protection of personal information – MBHB has obtained certification under the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework. This certification process allows clients peace of mind when transferring documents and other materials that may contain personal data from the EU and/or Switzerland to the United States.
The Supreme Court Brulotte v. Thys Co. decision stands for the rule that a patentee cannot receive royalties for activities falling within the scope of the patent claims once the patent has expired. Roundly criticized on economics grounds since it was handed down, the Supreme Court refused to walk back the Brulotte rule in a case decided at the end of the past term, Kimble v. Marvel Entertainment, LLC.
In 2009, Sergey Aleynikov was a computer programmer employed by Goldman Sachs to write high-frequency trading code. He accepted an offer to join a new Chicago-based company, Teza Technologies. Before he left Goldman Sachs, however, he sent portions of Goldman’s high frequency trading code to a German server for his own future use. After Goldman found out, it went to the FBI; Aleynikov was then arrested on a flight home from a visit to Chicago. With that arrest began a circuitous journey through the U.S. legal system, governed by two different sovereigns and under two different legal regimes – neither one of which was ultimately found to cover his actions.
In the highly fractured Amgen v. Sandoz decision, the Federal Circuit, in part, concluded that the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (“BPCIA”) patent resolution procedure was not mandatory, leaving open the distinct possibility that no biosimilar applicant will ever use the new biosimilar approval pathway.
In a decision authored by Chief Judge Sharon Prost, the Federal Circuit held that while design patents covering product configurations – that is, “a product feature or a combination or arrangement of features” – can protect functional aspects of a design, trade dresses cannot.
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