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This article provides an overview of the Spotify and Tidal cases, summarizes the applicable copyright law at issue, and provides a technological solution that may help avoid future lawsuits.
By analyzing USPTO data about the number of requests, the pendency of proceedings, and the frequency of finding a substantial new question of patentability (“SNQP”), this article seeks to identify trends that will help patent owners thoughtfully weigh the risks and rewards of supplemental examination.
Despite potential costs, startups can benefit from obtaining IP rights. Not only can IP protection potentially block others from negatively impacting the startup, it can also be seen as valuable property rights by investors. A startup can even potentially monetize IP rights through licenses or sales.
As 3D printing changes the way that companies (and consumers) manufacture articles, it will also have a significant impact on how enterprises can protect their intellectual property and enforce their rights.
The near-simultaneous codification of trade secret-related standards on both sides of the Atlantic reflects the increased importance of trade secrets in global economies. A driving force behind the reform in both the US and the EU was a desire to harmonize laws protecting trade secrets.
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