Nathaniel P. Chongsiriwatana, Ph.D.

P: 312.913.3345
F: 312.913.0002

Nathaniel P. Chongsiriwatana is a partner with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP. Dr. Chongsiriwatana is primarily engaged in the prosecution and litigation of patents. He provides patentability analyses in the areas of biotechnology, chemical, and pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. He also performs legal research and provides technological advice in support of validity and infringement analyses in litigation matters.

Dr. Chongsiriwatana has experience in drafting patent applications and preparing responses to Official Actions issued by U.S. and foreign patent offices in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical arts, including applications directed to technologies such as DNA libraries, recombinant proteins, therapeutic antibodies, protein purification, vaccine technology, and small-molecule drugs.

Published Articles

NP Chongsiriwatana, et al., “Intracellular biomass flocculation as a key mechanism of rapid bacterial killing by cationic, amphipathic antimicrobial peptides and peptoids.” Scientific Reports (2017), 7, article number: 16718.

"Help or Havoc? A New Era of Supreme Court Interest in Biotech," BioLogical Quarterly, Winter 2013. 

NP Chongsiriwatana, et al., “Functional synergy between antimicrobial peptoids and peptides against Gram-negative bacteria.” Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. (2011), 55(11), 5399-402.

NP Chongsiriwatana, et al., “Short alkylated peptoid mimics of antimicrobial lipopeptides.” Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. (2011), 55(1), 417-420.

NP Chongsiriwatana & AE Barron, “Comparing bacterial membrane interactions of antimicrobial peptides and their mimics.” Methods Mol. Biol. (2010), 618, 171-82.

NP Chongsiriwatana, et al., “Peptoids that mimic the structure, function, and mechanism of helical antimicrobial peptides.” Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA (2008), 105(8), 2794-2799.

AE Barron, NP Chongsiriwatana, et al., “Selective poly-N-substituted glycine antibiotics.” US Patent No. 8,445,632, May 21, 2013.

PB Messersmith, NP Chongsiriwatana, et al., “Surface-immobilized antimicrobial peptoids.” US Patent Application No. 2010/0028719, February 4, 2010.

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