Edward Machado is of counsel with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP. Mr. Machado brings significant industry experience to his work securing patent protection for client innovations. An outstanding communicator and consummate draftsperson, he has shepherded hundreds of patent applications from drafting, through office actions and examiner interviews, to issuance.

Mr. Machado has handled patent applications related to:

  • Automotive computer circuitry
  • Battery monitoring
  • Web site advertising and sales
  • Online search queries
  • Petroleum equipment and exploration
  • Heart defibrillators
  • Hematology analyzers and medical diagnostic equipment
  • Paper-based food dispensers
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Railroad components
  • Business methods

A former research and development engineer at both Zenith Electronics Corp. and Motorola Corp. (now Motorola Mobility Corp.) who also worked on in-house patent licensing teams, Mr. Machado has a deep understanding of the practical issues and concerns his clients face.  He is constantly looking ahead to plan effective offensive and defensive patent strategies for the long-term.

Mr. Machado has prosecuted patents in diverse industries including manufacturing, electrical circuitry and consumer electronics, appliances, software, medical devices and energy. He has particular knowledge of complex technologies such as GSM, UMTS and WCDMA communication systems; semiconductor fabrication processes; power, timer, and network circuits; and connectors, to name a few.

As an engineer at Zenith and Motorola, Mr. Machado developed various television related circuits, including power supply circuits, CRT power circuits, analog and digital video processing circuits, and various ASICs targeting HDTV. He also developed both hardware and software for various mobile phones including Motorola’s first GPRS and UMTS mobile phones.