Ashley Hatzenbihler helps clients in the mechanical, electrical, software and telecommunications industries secure and enforce intellectual property rights. She prepares and prosecutes patents and trademarks for clients and also supports and counsels them through IP litigation.

Ms. Hatzenbihler draws on her background in mechanical engineering to understand the pertinent elements of clients’ complex innovations and advise clients on patent and trademark validity, infringement, and patentability.

Ms. Hatzenbihler is a member of MBHB’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Recruiting Committee. Ms. Hatzenbihler is also a member of the Intellectual Property Lawyers Association of Chicago (IPLAC), and serves as Co-Chair of the IPLAC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and Vice-Chair of the IPLAC Copyright Committee. Outside of work, she has two cats, Ash and Ada, and attends weekly ceramics classes.

  • B.S., Marquette University, Mechanical Engineering
  • M.S., Marquette University, Mechanical Engineering
  • J.D., Loyola University Chicago School of Law
Bar Admissions
  • Illinois


  • Managed trademark portfolios for clients in the fintech, medical diagnostic, health and wellness, and education spaces.
  • Drafted briefs and conducted discovery during litigation involving a client in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Prepared and served cease and desist letters to enforce copyright and trademark registrations.
  • Advised clients on infringement, validity, and freedom to operate issues
  • Advised clients regarding their copyright and trademark rights and related portfolios.

Published Articles

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