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Joseph T. Adamczyk is a patent agent with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP. Mr. Adamczyk provides technological advice in support of validity, infringement, and patentability analysis and has prosecuted numerous applications in the biotechnology, mechanical and materials, and medical device and diagnostics areas. In addition to his work preparing and prosecuting patent applications for a Fortune 100 company, Mr. Adamczyk has taken on significant pro bono work. Mr. Adamczyk has been recognized with a 2017 Patent Pro Bono Certificate for his work in support of Chicago-Kent’s Patent Hub, wherein he provided patent drafting services to financially under-resourced independent inventors.

Prior to joining MBHB, Mr. Adamczyk served as a regulatory affairs intern at a New York-based pharmaceutical company. While completing his graduate studies at Northwestern University, Mr. Adamczyk earned his certification in Global and Ecological Health Engineering. As a part of Northwestern University’s Global Health Technologies Program, a joint program with the University of Cape Town in South Africa, he worked with local health professionals and stakeholders to develop medical devices to improve health outcomes in resource-poor environments. In particular, he designed, prototyped, and tested a CO2-sensing endotracheal tube for local paramedics and a tuberculosis-killing UV air filter for public buses. He has also served as a research assistant in the University of Miami’s Integrative Nano-Bio Systems Laboratory, where he studied label-free biosensing and diagnostic techniques.

Joseph T. Adamczyk

Patent Agent
Joseph T. Adamczyk