Kurt W. Rohde is a partner with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, where he concentrates on obtaining, evaluating, and enforcing his clients’ intellectual property. He is Chair of the firm’s Mechanical & Materials Practice Group. He regularly serves as patent trial counsel for multi-billion dollar corporations and has 14 years of experience in complex patent litigation and large patent portfolio management. His litigation experience is supported by consistently favorable court decisions and settlements.  His portfolio management experience includes direct management of the international patent portfolios for leading technology, energy, and aeronautics companies.

Mr. Rohde’s prosecution practice includes overseeing domestic and international patent prosecution, licensing, rights management, joint development agreements, and overall portfolio management for large multinational clients. He is well versed in the efficient management of foreign patent associates and regularly works with his clients’ internal teams to promote their early and effective identification and patenting of key inventions. His prosecution practice spans across many fields, including semiconductors, circuit design, energy storage and distribution, industrial machines, power generation, electronics, telecommunications, software, and aircraft design and control. With a degree in chemical engineering and nearly a decade of work experience in industrial machine design, Mr. Rohde has significant “real world” engineering work experience in industrial manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, injection molding, machine design, tooling, and fabrication, as well as software design and development.

Mr. Rohde’s litigation practice includes significant trial experience, but importantly also includes cost forecasting for clients, pre-filing investigations, eDiscovery management, written discovery, expert witness selection and preparation, depositions, settlement, licensing, and appeals. He has consulted on the development of a litigation cost forecasting system for a Top 4 pharmaceutical company and has been repeatedly recognized by clients for his effective cost control in the face of voluminous discovery. He is a regular point-of-contact for both senior in-house counsel and local district counsel regarding strategy, case development, and efficient cost management. Mr. Rohde is a veteran negotiator with opposing parties, where he counsels pragmatic solutions, but also acts as an aggressive client representative. The majority of his work involves new business from satisfied long-term clients.

Outside of work, Mr. Rohde has a passion for scuba diving around the world and creating small- and large-scale mechanical contraptions for various non-profit and theatrical organizations throughout the Chicago area. He is also an avid Arduino programmer, builder of custom PCs, and has been involved with cryptocurrencies and mining since before the bubble. His recent interests include non-currency blockchain efforts and smart contracts.