Marcus Thymian is a partner with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP and serves as Chair of the firm’s Electrical Practice Group. Mr. Thymian helps clients obtain, enforce, and defend against patents involving primarily electrical, mechanical, and software technologies. His past work has spanned many technologies, including medical devices, semiconductors, electronic trading software, cellular communications, cables and connectors, and unmanned aerial vehicles, among others. His clients range from small start-ups to Fortune 100 multinational corporations. In addition to formulating patent portfolio strategies to protect companies’ most valuable products, Mr. Thymian oversees the preparation and prosecution of patent applications composing patent portfolios. He enjoys working closely with in-house counsel to ensure that his client is positioned to meet all business goals and objectives, whether they relate to competitive strategy, international markets, or financial outcome.

Mr. Thymian’s litigation practice includes representing both patent owners and accused infringers. In addition to his work in the courtroom, Mr. Thymian spends much of his time helping his clients resolve disputes before they reach trial. He has negotiated numerous case-ending settlements involving licensing arrangements, lump-sum payments, and other more creative solutions. However, when parties aren’t ready to settle, Mr. Thymian aggressively litigates to put his client in its best position to win.