Sherif N. Mahmoud is an associate with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP. Mr. Mahmoud provides technological advice in support of validity, infringement, and patentability analysis in the electrical engineering, computing and telecommunications areas.

Prior to joining MBHB, Mr. Mahmoud worked as a research engineer for a scientific research group where he participated in the development of the University of Colorado’s Micro Autonomous Vehicle (CUMAV), an automated unmanned aerial vehicle. His responsibilities included development, maintenance and documentation of hardware and embedded software on the CUMAV. He was also responsible for data analysis of the instrument’s measurements.

Mr. Mahmoud also worked as a software engineer for a leading manufacturer of semiconductor test equipment. His responsibilities included designing and supporting code written for existing digital instruments; developing regression and unit tests to verify software functionality and code coverage; performance testing; and documenting requirements, software functionality and validation plans throughout the software development process.