Legal Professionals

A career at MBHB offers those passionate about innovation the opportunity to work at the forefront of science, technology and IP law. We encourage our professionals to build careers focused on the industries and technologies that interest them most. 

Attorney [at∙tor∙ney] noun – one who is legally appointed to transact business on another’s behalf.

We’re not just legal professionals – attorneys at MBHB are also adept scientists, engineers and technologists with advanced technical degrees. This blend of legal and scientific background allows MBHB attorneys to better understand our clients’ most complex technologies. Join a team of professionals at the forefront of science, technology and IP law.

Patent agent [pat∙ent a∙gent] noun – a professional licensed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to advise on and assist inventors with patent applications.

Much like our attorneys, all of MBHB’s patent agents have technical degrees, which they put to use to secure clients’ intellectual property rights. Patent agents work closely with attorneys to develop creative patent strategies, conduct prior art searches, prepare and file patent applications, and support the preparation of legal opinions on freedom to operate, ownership, inventorship, infringement, and validity issues. MBHB offers its professionals a range of growth opportunities, whether or not they pursue a law degree. 

Technical advisor [tech∙ni∙cal ad∙vis∙er] noun – an expert in a specific field of knowledge who provides support for enforcement or defense of patent rights.

As a technical advisor at MBHB, you will use your extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to assist attorneys in protecting our clients’ innovations. From the start of your career at MBHB, you will receive hands-on mentorship from attorneys and be asked to contribute to substantive client work. As you study for the patent bar or pursue a law degree, MBHB is proud to offer support in the form of financial assistance and reduced billable hour requirements. Explore the growth opportunities available to you at MBHB.

Law clerk [law clerk] noun – a legal professional who provides direct counsel and assistance to a lawyer by researching issues and drafting legal opinions for cases before the court.

Everybody’s career path is unique. For patent agents and technical advisors that decide to pursue law school, MBHB’s law clerk program offers an opportunity to continue to gain hands-on patent law experience while obtaining a law degree. We are proud to support our law clerks with benefits including full tuition reimbursement and a reduced hours requirement.

Summer associate [sum∙mer as∙so∙ci∙ate] noun – a law student who works for a law firm to gain practical experience.

MBHB’s summer associate program is a ten-week program that provides law students a deep dive into the world of patent law. Our summer associates gain hands-on experience supporting clients’ intellectual property strategies, including drafting patent applications, writing freedom-to-operate opinions, attending client presentations, and participating in personal brand-building activities. In addition to helping protect innovative technologies, summer associates also have the opportunity to network with attorneys and patent agents at social events, such as Cubs games, glass blowing classes, and the Annual John J. McDonnell Invitational golf outing.