Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

MBHB provides representation in our biotechnology and pharmaceuticals practice for patent procurement, litigation, due diligence, licensing, technology transfer, patent validity and infringement opinions, oppositions and post-grant proceedings, interference practice, and other areas of client counseling concerning a widely diverse array of biopharma subject matter.  Spearheaded by attorneys, patent agents, and technical advisors with advanced degrees in such areas as molecular biology, genetics, immunology, neurobiology, cellular biology, biophysics, molecular medicine, biomedical science, cancer biology, human nutrition, plant sciences, biochemistry, bio-organic chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, and chemical engineering, our biotechnology and pharmaceuticals practice has the combination of technical expertise and legal experience that enables us to represent our clients in the most sophisticated arenas.

We work extensively with our clients on cutting-edge subject matter, such as antibiotics, monoclonal and engineered antibodies, oligonucleotides and recombinant genes, miRNA and siRNA, ribozymes, proteins and peptides, target discovery, stem cells, vaccines, combinatorial chemistry, therapeutic small molecules, pharmaceutical products, screening assays, diagnostic methods and assays, methods of treatment and use, and nanotechnology.

Our substantial experience extends worldwide and includes strategic development and protection of intellectual property for Fortune 500 multinational corporations, mid-sized and start-up biopharma companies, universities, and small and micro entities. We also have significant experience working with counsel in numerous countries and regions to help our clients secure global protection of their intellectual property.

Several of our team members contribute to the patent law blog, Patent Docs (, recognized as one of the foremost patent law blogs.


At McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, we work to obtain broad and comprehensive protection for our clients’ intellectual property, enhancing value through the application of our technological and legal expertise. Our practice areas encompass all aspects of intellectual property law – including litigation, prosecution, and counseling; as well as copyright, patent, trade secrets, and trademark, unfair competition and advertising law.

Each of our experienced attorneys is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We negotiate patent licenses and help our clients establish and manage patent portfolios worldwide. Our core technical competency is extensive. Our attorneys have practical industry experience in a number of technological disciplines and product categories including cannabis, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, chemical, electrical, mechanical and materials, medical device and diagnostics, software and business methods, and telecommunications.

At MBHB, we know high-technology industries, and we know the law. We work with our clients to provide them with the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience, so that they can rest assured that their technology assets are protected.

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