PTAB Trials

PTAB Trials

Technical IP experts who get results in PTAB proceedings 

 MBHB practitioners navigate and win proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, including inter partes reviews and post-grant reviews. We represent both petitioners and patent owners, seeking cancellation of patents on behalf of petitioners and defending against patent challenges on behalf of owners. 

Our team of expert IP litigators are 100% focused on intellectual property law and interact on a regular basis with the patent office. As a result, clients trust us to guide them through technically complex PTAB proceedings to a successful resolution. 


A record of success  

With our active PTAB practice, we get results and outperform the competition in proceedings before the Patent Office. For example, MBHB’s post-institution settlement rate is more than 70% (the PTO’s reported average post-institution settlement rate is around 30%). 

Given MBHB’s complete focus on intellectual property law, our practitioners provide clients holistic counsel on IP matters. We support clients through patent prosecution, licensing, litigation and more. This comprehensive experience helps us guide clients through PTAB proceedings and parallel district court litigation. 


Blending IP law expertise and technical knowledge 

PTAB proceedings are typically more focused on technical IP issues and less equity-driven than district court litigation. Drawing on a blend of IP law expertise and deep technical knowledge across industries – from biotechnology and chemical to mechanical and software – our practitioners are uniquely qualified to represent clients in these proceedings. 

Throughout PTAB proceedings, we always maintain a strict focus on clients’ business goals and pursue the strategy that is in our clients’ best interests. In some cases, this business focus leads us to pursue cases through oral arguments before the PTAB. In other cases, we negotiate settlements. 

 With MBHB, clients know they have a proven, reliable and expert partner to support them before the PTAB. 


At McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, we work to obtain broad and comprehensive protection for our clients’ intellectual property, enhancing value through the application of our technological and legal expertise. Our practice areas encompass all aspects of intellectual property law – including litigation, prosecution, and counseling; as well as copyright, patent, trade secrets, and trademark, unfair competition and advertising law.

Each of our experienced attorneys is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We negotiate patent licenses and help our clients establish and manage patent portfolios worldwide. Our core technical competency is extensive. Our attorneys have practical industry experience in a number of technological disciplines and product categories including cannabis, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, chemical, electrical, mechanical and materials, medical device and diagnostics, software and business methods, and telecommunications.

At MBHB, we know high-technology industries, and we know the law. We work with our clients to provide them with the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience, so that they can rest assured that their technology assets are protected.

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