Trade Secrets


At McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, we understand that trade secrets and “know how” are among a business’s most valuable intellectual property rights. We appreciate that a business’s success can be closely tied to its ability to protect its trade secrets, whatever form they are found in. As a result, we work cooperatively with our clients to find solutions that strike the best balance of protecting them from misappropriation, while promoting internal collaboration and business success.

Our attorneys have extensive experience counseling clients on how to protect against the theft of trade secrets from both external and internal threats. That starts with assisting clients in identifying the many types of confidential information and things that can be protected as trade secrets. Furthermore, since a trade secret’s value depends on keeping it a secret, another critical concern is assisting clients in safeguarding the secrecy of their trade secrets. We collaborate with our clients to develop unique solutions to provide the security they need to thrive. Whether it be drafting or reviewing agreements with employees, consultants, vendors, suppliers, or competitors; designing or reviewing security and secrecy methods and policies; or conducting training sessions for employees, our attorneys work together with clients to customize strategies to protect the clients’ trade secrets from inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure and misappropriation.

If litigation is necessary to enforce our clients’ trade secret rights — or if a client is forced to defend against a competitor’s allegations — our attorneys draw on their years of experience to aggressively and effectively litigate trade secret disputes. These cases are often complex and frequently demand swift action. Our team of attorneys has the legal and technical experience necessary to efficiently and effectively handle our clients’ trade secret disputes. We will initiate or respond to litigation as quickly as necessary, including filing or responding to temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunction motions.