PLI Briefing Series: Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Int’l: Supreme Court Rules that General Purpose Computers Cannot Save Claims Directed to Abstract Ideas

July 2, 2014 | 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET | Webinar

MBHB Partners Lawrence Aaronson, Dr. Michael Borella and Grantland Drutchas are featured presenters at this one-hour webinar sponsored by Practising Law Institute (PLI).


In this recent decision, the Supreme Court addressed some of the Federal Circuit’s confusion regarding the scope of patentable subject matter under 35 U.S.C § 101. Particularly, the unanimous Court struck down Alice’s claims directed to mitigation of settlement risk. The Justices found that the invention encompassed an abstract idea, and that any recited generic computer hardware and functionality did not provide enough substance to meet the § 101 requirements. But, it is still unclear to what extent claims need to be integrated with physical devices in order to be patent eligible. This case promises to have an impact on parties litigating existing patents, as well as those seeking patent protection of their computer-implemented inventions.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • An overview of the cases that led up to this decision

  • The contours of 35 U.S.C § 101 post-CLS Bank

  • A discussion of the impact on litigants and those seeking to obtain business method and software patents


Sponsored by: Practising Law Institute (PLI)

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