Mechanical & Materials


The strong academic and practical engineering background of our attorneys allows us to help clients secure and protect their rights concerning such mechanical and manufacturing techniques and products. We prepare and prosecute mechanical patents, information technology patents, and biomedical patents for such products as:

  • medical devices
  • nanotechnology
  • industrial controls
  • hot-runner and injection molding systems
  • recycling technology
  • plastic extrusion techniques
  • horizontal directional drilling
  • large scale polymer synthesis
  • offset printing

Our attorneys also have strong backgrounds in materials sciences, including polymers and alloys.

Our extensive industry experience in the mechanical and electro-mechanical arts includes complex industrial manufacturing machinery and processes, as well as devices and components for the computer science field, the telecommunications industry, and the environmental engineering arena. At MBHB, a number of our attorneys hold advanced degrees in biomechanical engineering and are able to understand the most technical aspects of patentable mechanics.