Heavy Uptick in Patent and Trademark Mass Mailers

Article co-written by Yuri Levin-Schwartz, Ph.D., a law clerk at MBHB.

Mass mailers have been around in the U.S. since at least 1835.i Most are innocuous. “10% off at your local pizzeria.” “Weekly specials on bananas and ground beef at your local grocery.” Rarely do they catch your attention or give you any pause.

Compare that experience with the letters below, recently received by a few MBHB clients. A physical letter with a reputable sounding name asking for a fee to keep your IP assets safe. “Your patent is about to expire!” (It’s not). “Your trademark is about to cancel!” (It’s not). But, the experience is enough to make even the most sophisticated take a second look (look at the red banner and QR codes).

When (not if) you receive anything like these, check in with your IP attorneys.

[1] See, e.g., https://americanantiquarian.org/earlyamericannewsmedia/items/show/48#:~:text=In%201835%20the%20society%20launched,conversion%20but%20outrage%20and%20hysteria