Growth Opportunities

For those passionate about innovation, a career at MBHB offers the opportunity to work with exciting companies and protect cutting-edge technology. And a career in IP law doesn’t require a JD. MBHB offers multiple tracks to talented professionals who are interested in the field of intellectual property. We encourage our attorneys and patent agents to build a career focused on the industries and technologies that interest them most.

Your professional development is important to us and our clients. MBHB wants to help you get the education you need to develop your career in the way you want. Our mentoring program encourages formal and informal meetings with our founding attorneys and equity partners.

Essential to any legal practitioner’s career is client development – MBHB’s in-house training helps our attorneys to foster relationships with existing clients, create connections with new clients, and develop networks of potential clients. We focus on client-specific skills training, business development coaching, and client relationship education, in group and individual settings.

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Joshua D. Bosman, Ph.D., Senior Patent Agent
Technical Advisor > Patent Agent > Senior Patent Agent ​

After earning a Ph.D. in cancer biology from Northwestern University, I spent a few years in a lab but decided research work was not the right career path for me. I learned about the possibility of a career in patent law from a friend who is an attorney. While I wasn’t interested in pursuing a law degree, MBHB allowed me to put my biology background to work as a patent agent.  

I joined MBHB as a technical advisor and then took the patent bar exam to become a registered patent agent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As a patent agent, I perform technical analyses, draft patent applications, prosecute patent applications in front of examiners, coordinate with foreign associates, and manage client engagements.   

At MBHB, I am able to work creatively and independently but also enjoy great mentorship and support from attorneys across the firm. I am also able to mentor new technical advisors that join the firm. Most importantly, I am able to use my academic background and the experience I’ve gained in the legal industry to help inventors protect biotech innovations.  

Summer Associate > Associate > Partner

I first came across MBHB at a job fair while I was in my second year of law school at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago Kent College of Law. I applied for and was accepted into the firm’s summer associate program. This program allowed me to explore various areas of patent law while I was earning my JD. I met teams across the firm and had the chance to work on both prosecution and litigation projects. The program allowed me to build important relationships and decide what I wanted to focus on after law school.  

Following the summer associate program, I stayed at MBHB as a law clerk while I finished law school. The firm was flexible and allowed me to successfully balance work with school. Throughout the summer associate program and my time as a law clerk, I had the opportunity to do substantive work on important client projects.  

Having worked at various law firms before joining MBHB, I was drawn to the firm’s culture. The attorneys are friendly and supportive, and my mentors invested significant time and energy into my growth and development. I truly feel like everyone at the firm wants to see – and help – me succeed.  

Margot M. Wilson, Partner
Benjamin A. Rellinger, Ph.D., Associate
Technical Advisor > Law Clerk > Associate

While pursuing my Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at Northwestern University, I wanted to explore career opportunities outside of research. Initially, I planned to pursue consulting until I came across MBHB at a career fair. I was intrigued by the idea of patent law. It seemed to offer me the chance to work on more technical matters than a consulting career would have. And, as I met more attorneys at MBHB, they all seemed to be engineers and scientists first, and lawyers second.   

I started with MBHB as a technical advisor, which allowed me to learn about patent law and get hands-on experience in the field before deciding whether or not I wanted to attend law school. After four years as a patent agent, I decided to pursue my JD. The firm was supportive as I attended school while continuing to work as a law clerk, allowing me to ramp my work commitments up or down as needed. Following law school, my mentors helped me build a career path based on my interests. 

As an attorney at MBHB, I enjoy meeting with inventors and learning about their ideas. Additionally, I enjoy the people at MBHB. The culture is the furthest thing from a stuffy law firm you can imagine. All the professionals I work with are smart, technically savvy, collaborative, and a lot of fun. 

Technical Advisor > Law Clerk > Associate > Partner

After spending several years doing basic research at a national laboratory, I decided to pursue patent law at MBHB. Joining the firm as a technical advisor allowed me to test drive this new career before committing to law school.

I quickly discovered patent law was a good fit for me – it allowed me to use the technical knowledge I acquired during my research career, engage in detailed legal analysis and writing, and stay on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

After earning my JD, I returned to MBHB as an associate, and eventually became a partner. The mentorship from senior partners has helped me throughout my career. Now, I am able to pay it forward by supporting new colleagues.

Aaron V. Gin, Ph.D., Partner