MBHB Favorably Ranked Among Top Five IP Law Firms In Terms of Attaining A High Allowance Rate Within USPTO TC 3600

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP (“MBHB”) ranks in the top five intellectual property law firms for allowance rate for patent applications within the USPTO’s Technology Center (TC) 3600, according to data published in 2017 by Juristat. While it comes as no surprise that allowance rates vary widely among art units, attaining a higher allowance rate among TC 3600 art units can be viewed as considerably more challenging than others. TC 3600 covers a wide and diverse variety of technologies, and is the home of work groups focusing on e-commerce patents, which have seen their allowance rates plummet. This drop occurred in light of the Alice Corp. decision — and its impact on software-related technologies — and several other Supreme Court and Federal Circuit cases within the last few years.


The average allowance rate in TC 3600 is only 66.1%, which is well below the USPTO average of 72%. In securing an impressive allowance rate of 87.7% in TC 3600, MBHB secured its top five ranking among U.S.-based law firms having disposed of at least 500 applications in TC 3600 during the 10-year period from 2006-2015. View details here