MBHB’s Aaron Gin, Alexandra MacKenzie, Michael Krasniansky Co-Author Article Entitled, “A Look At The Patenting Trends For Artificial Intelligence”

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP partner Aaron Gin, Ph.D., senior patent agent Michael Krasniansky, and 2018 summer associate Alexandra MacKenzie,  co-authored an article entitled, “A Look At The Patenting Trends For Artificial Intelligence” that appears in the November 20, 2018 online edition of Law360.com. Here, the authors utilize various patent search and analytical tools, including Google Advanced Patent Search and Juristat, to obtain quantitative information on published AI-related patent filings. Based on such data, this article illustrates interesting trends in global patent filings, art unit assignment by claim term usage, and recent outcomes for AI-related patent applications, all of which may help patent practitioners develop effective strategies for protecting innovations in this burgeoning technology area. View the article