Christopher M. Scurry

Of Counsel
Christopher M. Scurry


Christopher M. Scurry is of counsel with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP. Mr. Scurry primarily focuses his practice on patent prosecution, patent preparation, litigation, and high-tech litigation strategy. Mr. Scurry has drafted hundreds of patent applications for a wide array of technologies, including computer hardware, computer software, microelectronic circuits, memory systems, wireless communication systems, virtual reality devices, signal processing, hydraulic systems, and user interfaces.

Mr. Scurry has worked in private practice for over eight years prior to joining MBHB. Additionally, Mr. Scurry was a design engineer in the electrical and mechanical arts. As a design engineer, Mr. Scurry crafted a generator for binary data encryption, drafted plans for a compressed space rover, and analyzed design constraints.

Mr. Scurry also serves as a volunteer attorney and litigator for Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas.  As a solo trial attorney, Mr. Scurry is undefeated in both bench and jury trials.