Are We Innovators, Or Are We Trolls: The Slippery Slope Of Defining A Patent Troll (Live Webinar)

The federal executive and legislative branches agree that innovators should be protected from abusive litigation. To this end, the White House has announced legislative priorities and executive actions to limit Patent Assertion Entities, often referred to as “patent trolls,” from gaming the litigation system. In parallel, Congress has proposed numerous pieces of legislation that seek to reduce patent abuses by requiring disclosure of patent ownership and making it easier to obtain attorney fees and discovery costs incurred during litigation. Central to these actions and initiatives is whether and to what extent a patent owner is a “patent troll.”

This webinar will cover proposed governmental anti-patent troll actions and initiatives. Topics include:

  • An overview of proposed changes including legislative and executive proposals
  • How the proposed changes impact whether different business organizations are considered patent trolls
  • Whether your organization may be a patent troll under the proposed changes
  • Effects on organizations falling under the proposed changes


Presenters: MBHB Attorneys Alison J. Baldwin and Sarah J. Duda

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