Claim and Specification Drafting for a Single EPO/USPTO Patent Application

If you file patents before the EPO and the USPTO you will know that the two offices have very different approaches to application requirements. This seminar will show you how to draft and prosecute ONE patent application which will comply with the differing requirements for BOTH the EPC and the USPTO.

There will be practical worked examples, illustrations, demonstrations of ‘best practice’ and plenty of discussion, ensuring that you will go home with a realistic and workable solution to a perennial problem.

The need for high-quality application drafting, acceptable to both the USPTO and European Patent Office, has never been greater. This seminar will give attendees a comprehensive overview of the principles underlying the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in both the US and Europe.

The speakers will:

  • Compare and contrast the often very different approaches of the USPTO and European Patent Office.
  • Show the similarities and discrepancies in language which can invalidate or block applications in each country, and propose solutions.
  • Offer the ‘best practices’ for preparing an application that is well suited for filing in both the US and Europe.
  • Provide illustrations as the legal basis for such practices.


Practical application:

  • During the course attendees will be divided into groups to correct, modify and prepare existing sample claims.
  • This wil lthen be followed by a plenary session during which attendees and speakers will discuss the worked examples to produce an optimal specification acceptable to both the EPO and USPTO.


The seminar will also include ongoing opportunities for participants to ask questions and discuss individual concerns.

Sponsored by: Patent Resources Group

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