Spring Cleaning for Your Trademark Portfolio (Live MBHB Webinar)

Intellectual property lawyers often stay so busy with standard clearance, filing and enforcement work that they can overlook the need to take a step back periodically to actively manage and audit the IP rights associated with the trademarks owned by their companies and clients. This “spring cleaning” presentation will take a fresh look at IP audits (addressing primarily trademarks, but also touches on patent audits) and help you uproot the weeds in your trademark portfolio and plant the seeds for future growth. Even if you are a sophisticated IP professional who conducts regular audits, we will introduce you to new ideas that are probably not included in your standard audit checklists and will help maximize both the value of your trademark portfolio and the return on your investment. Join us for 75 minutes of spring cleaning as we delve into these and other issues:

  • Simplify – out with the old, unused IP and in with the new

  • Update & Modernize – products and brands change over time, so IP attorneys need to be aware of recent developments with fluid trademarks, product configurations, color, and animation

  • Build Something New – corporate responsibility plans, green marketing and charitable foundations all have a growing importance to the bottom line and a growing impact on IP attorneys

  • Freshen Up – infringers are using social media to turn trademark owners into “bullies,” so new, creative enforcement procedures must be developed

Presenter: MBHB Partner James M. McCarthy

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