The European Unitary Patent and Unified Court: What Counsel Needs to Know

April 10, 2013 | 8:15 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Orlando


Course Description


On June 29, 2012, the European Council decided on the seat of the central division of the new Unified Patent Court. The EU Parliament is expected to conclude the negotiations imminently on the EU’s future unitary patent system. The new single patent litigation system proposed, embodied in the Unified Patent Court, will have exclusive competence in respect of actions relating to the validity or infringement of a European unitary patent.


Many expect this step to pave the way for establishing less expensive, simpler and more efficient patent protection for businesses across Europe, especially for small and medium-size enterprises. Their hope and expectation is that there will no longer be a risk of multiple patent lawsuits in different member states concerning the “same” patent. Inconsistent rulings might be avoided.


Others are concerned that the new system will be advantageous only for large entities, able to dominate the system. The possibility of bifurcation (splitting) of validity and infringement may result in proceedings of inferior quality. Some fear the system will be too expensive, while others fear it will be too cheap (especially for ‘non-practicing entities’ or ‘patent assertion entities’ with little to lose in litigation). While others fear the system will be too ‘British,’ too ‘German,’ or both.


It is essential for those who embrace the new system as well as those who fear it, to know how it will work and how to formulate strategies for working with – or without – it. This course provides an essential guide to all these issues, presented by leading practitioners from the UK and Germany.


The course includes presentation of simple decision and timing flowcharts intended for re-use by attendees in their own presentations to colleagues, for efficient and professional dissemination of know-how across businesses.


Who Should Attend this Course

  • Heads of IP, Heads of Patents and in-house counsel at every level

  • Patent professionals in private practice, including patent attorneys and lawyers involved in European Patent Practice


Course Materials

Attendees will receive a course material folder containing documentation provided by the speakers. They will also receive a CD containing powerpoint presentations which can be used for future reference.


Presented jointly by Management Forum and Patent Resources Group


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