U.S. Patent Practice

November 28-30, 2012 | London

US and European patent practice differ in many essential ways. The comprehensive program of this course, with practical examples, will highlight and explain these differences from the US point of view, giving delegates a better understanding of the US system, and enabling them to work more effectively with their US counterparts.

It will explain:

  • The current state of affairs at the US Patent Office, in legislation and in the courts
  • Sufficiency of the specification disclosure: Enablement, Written Description, Best Mode
  • Successful US claim drafting
  • Claim interpretation tools and strategic considerations
  • Statutory patent law (utility, novelty, non-obviousness, inequitable conduct, inventorship)
  • Changes in statutory law enacted in 2011 including ‘first inventor to file’ and other provisions of the America Invents Act (AIA)
  • Patent prosecution: Rules, Regulations and Best practices
  • Patent Litigation
  • Appeals in the USPTO and Courts
  • Interferences and first-to-invent
  • Derivation proceedings under the AIA
  • Post-grant review under the AIA
  • Re-examinations, supplemental examination and reissues


The speakers will also give an update on the progress and prospect of USPTO Rule Changes and on the extensive changes enacted into law in 2011, along with an overview of the recent changes in the case law.

MBHB Partner James Suggs is a featured co-presenter.

Who Should Attend

  • Corporate Patent Counsel
  • Patent Attorneys from corporate and private practice
  • Intellectual Property Consultants
  • Patent Managers and Engineers
  • Company Legal Advisers
  • All those involved with patent protection in the United States


Sponsored by:

Management Forum

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