Biotech Venture Mentored by MBHB Partner Michelle McMullen-Tack Wins First Prize at SEBIO Business Plan Competition

MBHB partner Dr. Michelle McMullen-Tack served on a mentoring team that provided guidance to a biotech start-up that was named first prize winner of the 2014 BIO/Plan Competition at the Southeast Bio Conference in Atlanta on December 15. The winner, OVASTASIS, is a Charlottesville, VA-based biomedical firm that is working on a female contraceptive that limits negative side effects. OVASTASIS was created with technology developed at the University of Virginia where basic research begun in 1995 studying proteins found in ovulated eggs resulted in the discovery of molecules restricted to eggs and no other normal body tissues. Founded by Dr. John C. Herr and CFO Edward Leary, OVASTASIS is based at the University’s North Fork Industrial Park. In addition to Dr. McMullen-Tack, the winning OVASTASIS mentoring team was comprised of Gerry Brunk of Lumira Capital and Dennis Shafer of Life Science Management. View details here