MBHB Attorneys Emily Miao and Nicole Grimm Co-Author Article Entitled, “Tiffany vs. Costco: An analysis”

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP partner Dr. Emily Miao and associate Nicole Grimm co-authored an article entitled, “Tiffany vs. Costco: An analysis” that appears as three installments in the August 19, 21 and 23, 2013 online edition of National Jeweler daily newsletter. In our first and second installments, we discussed the facts and main arguments in this ongoing battle between Tiffany and Costco concerning the use of the Tiffany mark. Depending on which side prevails, assuming that this case goes to trial and a decision is reached, a number of implications may arise on how diamond engagement rings may be marketed. In the final installment, we discuss these implications as well as how businesses can protect themselves from being embroiled in a similar situation.

View the conplete article:

First Installment – http://www.nationaljeweler.com/nj/majors/a/~31601-Tiffany-vs.-Costco-An-analysis

Second Installment – http://www.nationaljeweler.com/nj/majors/a/~31631-Tiffany-vs.-Costco-An-analysis

Third Installment – http://www.nationaljeweler.com/nj/majors/a/~31637-Tiffany-vs.-Costco-An-analysis

Note: this article originally appeared in the MBHB Spring 2013 edition of snippets publication.