MBHB Founding Partner Daniel A. Boehnen to speak at BNA Patent Litigation Seminar

MBHB Founding Partner Daniel A. Boehnen will speak at BNA’s “Using Today’s Patent Laws to Protect Tomorrow’s Technology: Litigation Strategies” seminar on October 6, 2008 in Arlington, Virginia.

Mr. Boehnen’s session, “Scope of Patent Protection 101 – in re Bilski” begins at 2:45 p.m.. The session will cover:

  • Should “mental methods” be patentable under Section 101?
  • Should there be any limits to patentable subject matter other than abstract ideas, physical phenomena, or principles of nature? What is an “abstract idea”?
  • Must software be tied to a computer and cause some physical transformation in order to be patentable?
  • How do we determine the kind of “discoveries” that the statute was enacted to protect?
  • Will the Federal Circuit be able to resolve the issue or will the Supreme Court be next?

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