MBHB Partner Donald L. Zuhn, Ph.D., to speak at ACI’s Pharma/Biotech Patent Claim Drafting & Prosecution Workshop

MBHB Partner Don Zuhn will be speaking on Day 2 of the ACI workshop “Pharma/Biotech Patent Claim Construction and Prosecution”. Dr. Zuhn will be discussing “Getting it Right the First Time: Best Practices for Demonstrating Utility”. Issues his 45 minute talk will address include:

  • Ensuring specific assertions of utility are included in the application
  • What constitutes acceptable support for establishing that the utility is credible?
  • What is currently considered not sufficiently substantial?
  • methods for treating unspecified disorders

  • gene probes

  • chromosome markers

  • further research

  • Overcoming utility rejections with genomics

Additional details and registration information are available in this PDF brochure.