MBHB Partner Kevin Noonan Quoted in Bloomberg BNA Life Sciences Law & Industry Report Article Regarding Top 2014 Issues

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP partner Dr. Kevin E. Noonan is quoted extensively in a January 10, 2014 edition of Bloomberg BNA’s Life Sciences Law & Industry Report in an article entitled, “Personalized Medicine, Patents Top Issues for 2014, Life Sciences Attorneys Say.” Bloomberg BNA’s Life Sciences Law & Industry Report asked attorneys in the field to discuss their top issues for 2014. Personalized medicine, including topics ranging from mobile medical devices used for on-site diagnostics to contracts for data and tissue mining to regulation of nutraceuticals and medical foods, reemerged as a hot issue. Patent-related issues also again were seen to be of strong importance, with predictions that disputes over the patent eligibility of genetic materials will continue and that conflicting Federal Circuit decisions on patent-term adjustments will be resolved. View the article