MBHB Partner Marcus Thymian Authors Venture Beat Article Entitled, “Samsung’s $548 million payment to Apple is a victory for … Samsung?”

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP partner Marcus Thymian authored an article entitled “Samsung’s $548 million payment to Apple is a victory for … Samsung?,” that appears in the December 12, 2015 online edition of Venture Beat. Last week, Samsung decided it was ready to pay Apple the $548 million that the federal courts said it owed for infringing Apple’s patents. In the spirit of the holidays, however, Samsung gave itself its own money-back return policy, in the event any appeals were to go in Samsung’s favor. But even assuming Samsung never gets back that $548 million (and all the legal fees spent so far in litigation), is it a loss for Samsung and a victory for Apple? View the article