MBHB Patent Agent Gregory Huffman Authors Article Entitled, “FRAND And A Patent Owner’s Right To Injunctive Relief”

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP patent agent Gregory Huffman authored an article entitled, “FRAND And A Patent Owner’s Right To Injunctive Relief” that appears in the September 18, 2012 online edition of Law360.com within the sections of “Intellectual Property” and “Technology.” Often, an industry-adopted technical standard includes technology covered by patents, and the owners of these patents agree to license the patents on fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory (FRAND) terms as part of the standard-setting process. This article explores options available to the patent owners when a member of the industry declines to accept a license on terms deemed to be FRAND by the patent owner, and nevertheless, implements the standard. View the article (subscripton required)

Note: this article originally appeared in the MBHB Summer 2012 edition of snippets publication.