MBHB’s Erin Woelker and Jordan One Co-Author Law360.com Article Entitled, “Best Practices in Light of E-Discovery Reform”

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP associate Erin Woelker and technical advisor Jordan One co-authored an article entitled, “Best Practices in Light of E-Discovery Reform” that appears in the January 9, 2014 online edition of IP Law360.com. Now firmly settled in the digital era, where more and more companies have transitioned to paperless environments and where generation of electronic documents and correspondence is the norm, discovery of electronic data, or e-discovery, has reached new heights in litigation. So too have the costs of litigation, not only in pure economic terms, but also in terms of the time and effort burdens placed on courts and clients. E-discovery has been pegged as a major culprit in these skyrocketing costs due, in large part, to its tendency to be abused by litigants. Notably, discovery tends to be more costly in patent cases than in other types of litigation.

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Note: this article originally appeared in the MBHB Fall 2013 edition of snippets publication.