MBHB Partners Daniel A. Boehnen, Brad J. Hulbert, and Patrick G. Gattari to speak at 2009 LES Annual Meeting

Daniel A. Boehnen, Brad J. Hulbert, and Patrick G. Gattari, MBHB partners, will be speaking at the 2009 LES Annual Meeting, held October 18-21, 2009, in San Francisco.

Mr. Boehnen will be discussing The Role of Intellectual Property in Tough Economic Times and How to Use It to Your Advantage: Corporate Recovery and Restructuring during a workshop on Monday, October 19, at 2:30pm. During this workshop, Mr. Boehnen will discuss IP portfolio optimization, IP backed debt enhancement, IP litigation “Right-Sizing” and enforcement funding, and purchase price allocation and impairment valuation.

On Wednesday, October 21, at 8:30am, Mr. Hulbert will be speaking during a mini-plenary meeting. He will be discussing High Technology: International Patent Sales and Acquisitions in a Diverse World.

Mr. Gattari will be discussing Maintaining Confidentiality in Health Care Transactions- New Problems with an Old Concept workshop on Wednesday, October 21, at 2:00pm. This workshop will focus on potential pitfalls, business problems and litigation risks associated with negotiating, drafting and implementing CDA’s.

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