Megan K. Petti, Ph.D.

Patent Agent


Megan K. Petti, Ph.D. is a patent agent with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP. Dr. Petti provides technological advice in support of validity, infringement, and patentability analysis in the chemical area.

Prior to joining MBHB, Dr. Petti conducted research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison wherein she: solved complex problems requiring a mix of experimental data and computational modeling; mentored junior graduate students and collaborated with post-doctorates on multiple projects; gained broad toolset of skills for analyzing experimental data; problem solved and troubleshot instrumentation; developed surface-enhanced and surface-sensitive 2D spectroscopies; and applied new methods to biological surfaces to monitor structure and dynamics. In addition, she conducted undergraduate research at the University of Notre Dame and University College Dublin.