Economic Parameters of an IP Firm – Applying the Principle “What Gets Measured Gets Managed” in IP Practice

MBHB Managing Partner S. Richard Carden is a featured speaker at a presentation set for October 6, 2016 entitled, “Economic Parameters of an IP Firm – Applying the Principle ‘What Gets Measured Gets Managed’ in IP Practice.” Mr. Carden’s presentation takes place in conjunction with the 16th Open Forum of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI) held in October 4-6 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Economic Parameters of an IP Firm – Applying the Principle “What Gets Measured Gets Managed” in IP Practice

Which indicators of economic performance can be measured in an IP practice? Does the measurement of such indicators denigrate the work of free IP professionals, or does it help? Are there more than just financial parameters? Are there implications to the working climate? Former and current managing partners of IP firms will introduce and discuss management concepts such as Key Performance Indicators and Balanced Scorecards and their application to IP practice.

FICPI Open Forum 

Now in its 25th year, FICPI’s Open Forum has gained an enviable reputation for the quality of its working sessions and speakers. Venturing for the first time into Russia, and to the glorious city of St Petersburg, the 16th Forum will be no different, following the well-established three-stream format, with specialized sessions for patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys alike, and an enhanced focus on increasingly critical business practice issues for the independent professional and private firm. Opening with a plenary business session that follows on from the theme of last year’s Congress “Adapt to Advance”, looking at how independent IP attorneys should adapt their business development strategies to prosper in an increasingly competitive environment, the 16th Open Forum proudly offers best practice “how to” sessions on drafting patent claims (that not only get through the patent office, but are commercially useful), IP enforcement in multiple jurisdictions, protecting trade marks in non-Latin characters, trade mark coexistence agreements, capturing inventions and taking advantage of geographical indications; “get up to date” sessions on trade secrets and licensing, trade marks on the Internet, Apple vs. Samsung, and the UPC (featuring the EPO and leading patent judges from Germany, France and the UK), as well as practical business management sessions on quality control and streamlining processes in IP firms, the economic parameters of firms, non-lawyer ownership and how to manage the risks of important attorneys or client leaving. Finally, breakout patent telecoms/FRAND and pharma workshops will investigate how clients working in those fields can best take advantage of the interplay between IP laws and other regulations.

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