Intellectual Property and Licensing 101

If you are commercializing a truly novel technology, you might want to consider filing a patent. If the patent issues, you could prevent other companies from commercializing your idea. Join MBHB partner Dr. Kevin Noonan and Mark Hankins to get a broad overview of the types of intellectual property that are important to healthcare technology companies. The workshop is entitled, “Intellectual Property and Licensing 101,” and is sponsored by MATTER. It will take place on May 13 from 9:00-10:30 a.m. at MATTER’s offices located in the Merchandise Mart Plaza in downtown Chicago.

The presenters will focus on patents and trade secrets with a brief overview of copyrights and trademarks. They will also introduce attendees to the core sections of a patent and the process for obtaining different types of intellectual property. They will also introduce attendees to the idea of a freedom to operate analysis: the best method to make sure you have all the rights to use, sell, and manufacture your product (i.e. you’re not infringing on someone else’s patent). Attendees will also learn about the basic concepts of licensing intellectual property using a model term sheet to illustrate the important points in a licensing transaction.

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