Optimizing the Discovery Process: Home and Abroad (Live Webinar)

The ever-increasing abundance of electronic media has both complicated and simplified the process of collecting, reviewing and producing documents during litigation, particularly in the context of patent litigation. It is not uncommon for document productions in even simple cases to now exceed terabytes of data, in a wide variety of formats. And although electronic discovery platforms are becoming more sophisticated in their abilities to quickly narrow collections to the most relevant documents, many issues still exist that both producing parties and receiving parties must carefully address. Moreover, the evolution of district court rules regarding discovery, and in particular e-discovery, and the growing focus on data privacy issues worldwide present additional challenges for parties in litigation.

This webinar will address recent issues in discovery and how both in-house and outside counsel may optimize the discovery process to limit exposure and costs. Topics include:

  • How the district courts are adapting to the world of e-discovery and what this means for litigating parties
  • How the increasing prevalence of data privacy regulations worldwide impacts litigants’ ability to obtain discovery from foreign parties
  • Whether changes in the Federal Rules and various local rules allow litigants to properly balance privilege concerns against the mounting costs of discovery review
  • Whether the implementation of district court local rules related to e-discovery has assisted in streamlining discovery
  • Whether cost shifting is having any impact on limiting the breadth of discovery
  • How in-house and outside counsel can minimize costs and exposure


Presenters: MBHB Partners Richard Carden and Kurt Rohde

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