To Patent or Not to Patent: When to Keep Your IP a Trade Secret (Live MBHB Webinar)

Wed., Oct. 19, 2016 | 10:00-11:15 a.m. CT | Live MBHB Webinar via WebEx

In this webinar MBHB partners Grant Drutchas and Josh Rich will address key issues facing businesses and inventors in our post-AIA (America Invents Act) and DTSA (Defend Trade Secrets Act) world. In particular, they will provide guidance on when you should consider maintaining technology as a trade secret rather than seeking patent protection. Topics will include:

  • How best to approach the patent vs. trade secret issues, including the benefits and disadvantages of each form of protection

  • When patent protection will best suit your business goals

  • When it makes the most sense to maintain your IP as a trade secret

  • What planning and precautions need to be in place to protect trade secrets

  • The impact of the DTSA on your business, including the act’s protections and obligations

  • How the courts have addressed the DTSA

These MBHB partners have successfully litigated trade secret issues in state and federal court, drafted and negotiated numerous NDAs, and regularly counsel clients on trade secret and patent issues.

Presenter(s): MBHB partners Grantland Drutchas and Joshua Rich


Access an archived audio version of this webinar here.

NOTE: MCLE credit is not available for this archived recording.

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