McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP a Proud Sponsor of 2016 BIO IPCC Spring Conference

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2016 BIO IPPC Spring Conference set for March 30-April 1, 2016 in San Antonio, Texas.

MBHB partners Kevin Noonan, Ph.D. and Donald Zuhn, Ph.D. are featured presenters for a presentation taking place from 3:30-4:30 p.m. on Wed., March 30:

Pre-Conference Workshop: The Rocky Road to Personalized Medicine?

One of the purported benefits of (and economic justifications for) the Human Genome Project and its related genetic analyses was personalized medicine, where disease treatment and therapeutic intervention (particularly with pharmaceuticals) was custom-fit to the patient based on their unique genetic profile. Such profiles were supposed to fit on an identify card that could be read by a physician and from which the doctor could choose from alternative therapies with an eye toward providing the best care possible. That hasn’t happened, in part because diagnosing and treating disease is more complicated than knowing a patient’s genotype or phenotype. But recent court decisions and resulting impediments to protecting diagnostic methods and naturally occurring therapeutic agents have created a situation where the assumed return on investment has become questionable at best, threatening to retard if not prevent the swift development of personalized medicine. The panel will discuss the future of personalized medicine with in-house counsel, outside counsel and academia in an attempt to develop strategies to protect the investment necessary and at the same time facilitate further commercial development of this technology.

About the BIO IPCC Conference

The Conference began in 2004 as a service to BIO members – members of the BIO IP Counsels Committee, core R&D companies, and BIO member law firms and other service providers. The conference had two parts:

  • One or two in-person committee meetings where members receive updates from BIO and also have the opportunity to discuss recent challenges and experiences among industry colleagues.
  • Educational sessions sponsored by expert law firms in the IP sector to keep BIO members up to date on the latest industry issues and events.


In 2009, the meeting was opened to BIO non-members, including core R&D companies, government, academia, and service providers. The conference still consisted of educational sessions and a committee meeting, as it does today.

The biannual BIO Intellectual Property Counsels Committee Conference offers timely, relevant educational sessions on the latest issues in the biotech IP sector, informal networking events designed to promote discussion and foster relationships among industry colleagues, and practical tips for attendees to use the next day. Over 100 attendees representing biotech and pharma companies, law firms, academia and government come together from the U.S. and abroad to attend this one of a kind event. 


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