MATTER Workshop: Negotiating Sponsored Research Agreements

MBHB partner Emily Miao, Ph.D. is the featured presenter at this MATTER sponsored workshop set for 9:30-11:00 a.m. on April 5, 2018. in Chicago. view details here

MATTER Workshop: Intentional IP Strategy for Startups

Building a strong intellectual property portfolio can increase business valuation, attract investor financing, and widen competitive moats. But how should startup companies think intentionally about different aspects of intellectual property, such as provisional and non-provisional patent applications, design patents, trademark applications, trade secrets, and licensing efforts? In this workshop, patent attorney Aaron Gin, PhD will pose a set of introspective questions to each entrepreneur. Based on their answers, Dr. Gin will suggest individualized plans of action customized to help each startup company identify their core IP strategy and efficiently execute on it.

MATTER is a community of healthcare entrepreneurs and industry leaders working together in a shared space to individually and collectively fuel the future of healthcare innovation. MATTER’s mission is to proactively connect and promote the collaboration between scientists, physicians, health technology entrepreneurs and industry leaders, in order to bring next-generation products and services to market that improve quality of care and save lives. Website: