MBHB Favorably Ranked By Juristat Among Top 20 IP Law Firms In Key Metrics for 2020

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP ranks among the top 20 intellectual property law firms across key metrics within the USPTO’s Technology Centers (TC) 2400 “Computer Networks, Multiplex, Cable and Cryptography/Security”), 2600 (“Communications”) and 3600 (“Transportation, Electronic Commerce, Construction, Agriculture, Licensing and Review”), according to 2020 data published by Juristat.

For each technology center, Juristat identified the top firms in each of three categories – allowance rate, average office actions before allowance, and volume of applications filed. Their results display the top ten in each of those three key metrics, as well as their overall ranking – the Juristat Rank. This overall rank was calculated by taking into account the law firm’s rank for the key metric, as well as rewarding firms who ranked for more than one category. This gives Juristat a better picture of which law firms have the most well-rounded performance in each tech center. Note that the numbers in this chart represent the firm’s rank in that category. The specific metrics can be found within Juristat.

Juristat’s rankings considers both volume and performance in a specific technology center. They based the rankings on how well a firm performed in three key metrics over a 12-month period. These metrics are:

  • Number of applications filed
  • Allowance rate
  • Average number of office actions before allowance


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