Nicole E. Reifman is a partner with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP and serves as Chair of the firm’s Mechanical & Materials Practice Group. Ms. Reifman has diverse experience in obtaining, evaluating, and enforcing intellectual property.

Ms. Reifman has experience in all phases of patent preparation and prosecution and reliably guides clients in a wide range of mechanical, materials science, and electro-mechanical technologies, building from her training and prior work experience in mechanical engineering. Her prior work experience includes internships with Caterpillar Inc., Caterpillar France S.A., and Stryker Medical. Examples of Ms. Reifman’s technical expertise in the mechanical and materials fields relate to automotive diagnostics and engines, piping materials, medical devices, including catheters, stents, wound care, and breastpumps, ultrasound technology, and consumer products. Ms. Reifman’s representation ranges from small start-ups to multi-national companies.

Additionally, Ms. Reifman has extensive experience working with clients to establish an internal process for identifying patentable ideas and to protect and enforce all aspects of their intellectual property, including patent, trademark, and copyright counseling. She enjoys working closely with in-house counsel to ensure that her client is positioned to meet all business goals and objectives, whether they relate to competitive strategy, international markets, or financial outcome.

Ms. Reifman also provides counseling regarding the procurement, enforcement, and licensing of intellectual property rights, including trademark, trade secret, and copyright issues. Ms. Reifman actively manages trademark portfolios and develops brand building and protection strategies for her clients.