Protecting innovation
with comprehensive intellectual property support.   
with a unique blend of scientific and legal expertise.  
to drive business growth. 

From patents to trademarks, MBHB secures and enforces intellectual property rights for organizations across industries. Clients engage our practitioners to help them build patent portfolios, protect trade secrets, navigate complex infringement litigation, and more.


Pursue an
exhilarating career

At MBHB, you will be joining a vibrant team of talented professionals who bring diverse interests and backgrounds to their work.

A legacy of supporting
innovation and growth

By helping individual inventors, startups, midsize companies, academic institutions, and Fortune 500 organizations protect their innovations, we support their business success. Most of our practitioners worked in business or research laboratory settings before entering the legal industry. With this unique blend of experiences, we guide clients on intellectual property matters without losing sight of their business goals.


Deep roots in STEM

Our dedicated industry teams bring hands-on experience in a variety of technology, science and engineering disciplines to their legal work. This blend of expertise helps us develop creative intellectual property portfolio strategies and guide clients through complex litigation – all while maintaining a focus on clients’ business goals.